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 Buying Players

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PostSubject: Buying Players   Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:52 am

When buying a player. You must make sure you are on the "Transfers" page, you dont have to click onto the "Buying Players" Page.
Then you must bid for your players.
Before bidding for a player, you must START A NEW manager mode, and then make sure that the currency is in Pounds, if you dont it just messes up all prices and causes caonfusion. Then check the value of the player you are after. So if you want somebody, and they are worth £10m you MUST bid at least £10m. Any bids below the players value will be rejected straight away.

When bidding for a player , it must go as follows:

Topic Name: Fernando Torres of Liverpool
Body: Manager mode value - £16m
I offer £16m

However, if you place a bid of 16m for Nando, somebody else can bid higher. So somebody else can bid 16.2m and starts a "bidding war" until someone withdraws their bid.

But, if you place a starting bid for a player and after 5 minutes nobody has tryed to outbid you, the player is yours. So if you bid for somebody at 18:01 and then somebody bids higher at 18:08, it is too late. If it has been passed 5 mins, and i still havent replyed to your bid saying "Accepted", its no problem. If nobody bids for your player after 5 mins he is automatically yours.

Please take all of this into account as mistakes can cause a lot of confusion

Cheers x
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Buying Players
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